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MigraineSumatriptan is one of the highly effective migraine medicines used for the treatment of severe migraine headaches. Sumatriptan relieves symptoms which occur with a migraine headache; such as that of nausea; vomiting; as well as sensitivity to light & sound. It is used only for treating migraines and is used by those whose headaches are not relieved by for people whose headaches are not relieved by aspirin, acetaminophen, & other pain relievers. Sumatriptan injections are also used for treating cluster headaches. Sumatriptan causes serious side effects in people, especially those who have heart or blood vessel disease. Discuss the risks with your doctor.

Sumatriptan Strength Oral Tablets, Nasal Drop, Parenteral Injection ( 25 mg / 50mg / 100 mg), Nasal spray.
Common Brand Name Imitrex

How to Use
Sumatriptan should not be used for treating headaches different from migraines. It is to be used as oon as the pain begins. If symptoms persist for hours, do not consume any more of this medication. Consult your doctor for specific instructions about dosage. If there is relief from a dose of Sumatriptan, but headache persists or returns, more Sumatriptan can be used. However, use the medicine only as per the directions of the doctor.
Sumatriptan tablets should be swallowed whole along-with a glass of water. Do not either break, or crush, or even chew tablets before consumption. In case of injections and nasal solutions, instructions should be followed thoroughly and a doctor consulted about the same.

Side Effects
Consult your doctor if any of the sytmptoms listed below persist :

Burning Discomfort in jaw, mouth, tongue
Discharge Dizziness
Redness at place of injection Muscle aches
Change in sense of taste Cramps
Before taking Sumatriptan,
  • Consult doctor if Sumatriptan has been used for more than three headaches, there is no relief. Check with doctor if migraine headaches worsen, or if they are recurring often.
  • Avoid alcohol intake
  • Avoid strenous activities during medication.
  • In consultation with your doctor evaluate the risks involved with the medication in terms of allergies, other medications, pregnancy, breast-feeding, etc.

Over Dose
In case the patient overdoses on Sumatriptan, consult a doctor or call emergency services immediately.

Missed Dose
In case of a missed dose, take it immediately if the next dosage is not due shortly. If it is due shortly, then skip the dose and follow regular dosage schedule.

Keep away from children, heat, direct sunlight, moisture, etc. Keep injections and nasal solution away from freezing temperatures. Dispose of outdated medicine as per instructions.

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